Constance Old captures the spirit of the 21st century in her work by taking advantage of the excesses of the consumer economy. Old's practice includes installation work as well as three dimensional wall pieces made using upcycled paper and plastic. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary materials, her work is both timeless and an index of our time. 

Old states: “Paper and plastic interest me as abundantly available fibers that, with imagination and coaxing, can be made into wall pieces.
Living in a time of material excess, it intrigues me to work with traditional techniques that originated from need and a scarcity of materials.”

After graduating from Princeton University, Constance Old received her MFA from Yale University in Graphic Design and worked as an art director for Martha Stewart Living and as a freelance book designer before committing full time to making her own work. Her work uses everyday materials and focuses on trying to make fleeting aspects of human experience “concrete.” She has exhibited at BoxoPROJECTS, New Bedford Whaling  National Historical Park, International Print Center New York, Gallery for Contemporary Art at Sacred Heart University, Farnsworth Art Museum, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Hunterdon Museum of Art, The Carver Museum, Katonah Museum of Art, Silvermine Guild Arts Center. Old’s work is in corporate and private collections throughout the US and in Argentina and England.